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Estate Planning for Artists

Estate planning can be a difficult subject for anyone. No one likes to think about how or when life might end. From the technicalities of financial planning to the emotional issues of choosing beneficiaries and considering end-of-life care, the entire process is a daunting task. However, estate planning is an essential process both for the

How do I Self-Publish an eBook

If you’ve been searching the internet for information about self-publishing your stories, video, photography, or other art forms and been overwhelmed and frustrated, you’re not alone. Luckily we have Laura Shabott, author of Confessions of an eBook Virgin: What Everyone Should Know before They Publish on the Internet, to help us understand the process of

Where does the money go?

Even as curating data has become more ubiquitous in all industries, the ability for artists to track the impact of their music online remains difficult. The distribution of revenue from streaming services in the music industry remains ambiguous and artists tend to focus their energy on creating, performing, and marketing. Rethink Music, an initiative of

Draw Younger Crowds

Pacific Northwest Ballet Shows How To Draw Younger Crowds The Wallace Foundation conducted a four-year case study of the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s initiative to better engage a younger audience. The full report, published in the spring of 2015, is available here. The initiative by PNB began by conducting focus groups, divided into four age segments,

Music Industry Payment Flows

As it is now, the music industry operates much the same with payouts as it did before the advent of streaming services. Companies, such as Spotify, pay the same percentage of revenue to the copyright owner as an iTunes download – 73%. Rethink Music, an initiative of Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, elucidated the current

Employee Discipline Guidelines

An effective discipline program is beneficial to both arts organizations and its employees. It helps employees correct any shortcomings with the goal of becoming a valuable, contributing member of the workforce. Documentation created as a result of the discipline process can also help protect an employer in the event that a termination or other adverse

Massachusetts Wage Act

Did you know that employers now face Massachusetts Wage Act exposure from claims brought by employees living and working out-of-state? According to at least one judge sitting in the Massachusetts Superior Court’s Business Litigation Session, the Massachusetts Wage Act’s protections can expand beyond the borders of the Commonwealth—even when employees do not live in Massachusetts

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