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Understanding music industry payment flows

As it is now, the music industry operates much the same with payouts as it did before the advent of streaming services. Companies such as Spotify pay the same percentage of revenue to the copyright owner as an iTunes download – 73%. Rethink Music, an initiative of Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, elucidated the current

Budgets and cash flow for public art projects

This session covers the creation of public art project budgets for small, mid-sized, and large projects. The speakers cover line items, artist fees, accounting for unexpected expenses, budget management during the project, and other key issues artists need to keep in mind when embarking on a public art project, citing real examples. Artists Douglas Kornfeld

Public art today with Jack Becker

This webinar provides an overview of public art in the U.S. It shows diverse works of public art in an effort to help broaden the perspectives and definitions of what it can be. It introduces public art as a distinct field of professional activity, reviewing its origins and process elements.

Arts & numbers: Budgeting for the creative class

This webinar covers strategies for combatting the four major financial challenges artists and creative entrepreneurs face every day: managing the professional treadmill; budgeting; combatting cash shortages; and finding creative fulfillment through professional goals. Presented by Elaine Grogan Luttrull, author of Arts & Numbers: A Financial Guide for Artists, Writers, Performers, and Other Members of the

Got space? Need space? Announcing the launch of

The Boston arts community is bustling with new productions, exhibits, and performances every day, and artists are always looking for a place to create and present their work. But if you’re an artist looking for a place to establish yourself, a theatre company in the market for a new home, or a musician hoping to